Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Leading our medical negligence practice is Deborah Maliver, who is both an attorney and a board-certified internist. Deborah S. Maliver M.D., J.D. was a practicing physician prior to law school and she provides practical medical professional experience, which is a critical litigation resource for our clients. Not only does she bring a thorough understanding of the medical dimensions of a malpractice case, but she couples this with her skill in the investigation and proof of negligence claims in court.

Attorney Maliver personally reviews every single medical malpractice case that comes through the door. She is responsible for making the final selection of all cases, and our firm is highly selective. We only accept fewer than 1 percent of the cases attorney Maliver reviews so we can focus all of our resources, effort and time on building strong cases for compensation.

We Handle Medical Malpractice Cases Of All Levels of Complexity

In Pennsylvania, the law requires every medical malpractice case to be supported by a practicing physician's certification of merit. Deborah S. Maliver M.D., J.D.'s medical experience can help represent a major advantage in establishing the likelihood that your malpractice claim will prevail in court.

Her familiarity with the standards of care required from doctors helps identify the prospects of your claim. Additionally, her network of medical specialists from a wide variety of disciplines can further confirm her own judgment as to whether malpractice, negligence or fault has occurred.

Clients can also take comfort in knowing that every case is personally managed from start to finish by attorney Maliver. Deborah S. Maliver M.D., J.D.'s close involvement with every stage of your case provides further assurance, regardless of the medical complexity; the facts of your case will be clearly, accurately and persuasively presented.