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Let a board-certified physician who is also an attorney assist you with your medical malpractice case

Let a board-certified physician who is also an attorney assist you with your medical malpractice case
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At Biancheria & Maliver P.C., we are intimately familiar with the duty that doctors in many medical fields have to recognize the signs of cancer and refer patients to physicians who are qualified to treat them. Because of this, we can help establish the liability of a doctor for the death of your parent, spouse or child. Contact the Pennsylvania medical malpractice attorneys at our firm for advice and representation in cases where a physician's negligence or lack of skill has led to a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of cancer.

Malpractice Lawyers Who Understand How Misdiagnosis Occurs

Not all doctors are oncologists with specialized knowledge and skill in the treatment of cancer, so it is therefore unreasonable to expect physicians in general to cure every patient of cancer. It is entirely reasonable, however, to expect family medicine practitioners, internists, radiologists, gastroenterologists and other primary care physicians to recognize the more common findings, signs and symptoms that suggest the need for further testing to identify if carcinoma or malignancy is present.

Failure to diagnose cancer in time for an effective intervention can result from all types of errors such as:

  • Misreading a mammogram
  • Failure to order a colonoscopy when clear symptoms are present
  • A surgeon's failure to identify a tumor during an operation

Since there is a danger that metastasis can occur for any cancerous condition, delay of a timely cancer diagnosis and immediate treatment plan can become tantamount to a death sentence for the patient whose symptoms are unfortunately missed or mistaken for another illness.

A Lawyer With a Medical Background, Including Work at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

At Biancheria & Maliver P.C., our understanding of the duty of medical professionals to identify and refer potential cancer patients for further diagnosis and treatment is based not only on a thorough familiarity with the law of medical malpractice, but also on practical medical experience.

As well as an accomplished trial lawyer, is a board-certified internist who completed her residency at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. Her ability to analyze and present the legal consequences of a claim for damages based on a delayed diagnosis of cancer is strengthened by her medical experience with cancer patients.

For a free evaluation of your medical malpractice claim, contact the medical negligence attorneys at our downtown Pittsburgh office. Call us today at 412-567-5433 or toll free at 866-683-6559.