Delayed Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is now almost completely preventable. The causes are known better than in the past, and a simple and common test can show abnormalities indicating possible cancer. It is also a form of cancer that takes a very long time to develop. Very serious errors must occur for a patient to develop cervical cancer. These errors cause a delay in diagnosis.

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Test Results Matter to Patients and Doctors

Cells can be taken off the cervix and analyzed, and abnormalities can be graded and classed. Test results matter to the patient. They should matter to the physician. Failure to detect problems, test further and take appropriate steps is negligence. A biopsy and even a hysterectomy may be ordered. There are also other symptoms along the way that may present during a cancer's development. If these are not noted, someone has dropped the ball.

Computer Review of Your Pap Test

Many doctors use large companies to look at their Pap test slides that do a volume business screening Paps. A computer may actually do the first "looking" for abnormal Pap test slides. It has come to Deborah Maliver's attention that many of these companies have found that having "abnormal" slides reviewed by a human cytotechnologist costs LESS MONEY than getting sued occasionally for malpractice. This is a huge public health problem.

This means that normal results many times cannot be trusted. If you have had "normal" Pap tests and are found to have cervical cancer, you must have your slides reviewed. There is a high likelihood given this system that they were not looked at carefully.

When a hospital screens Pap tests for a clinician, a physician may never look at the slide. Cytotechnologists in hospital labs only send the "abnormal" they see to be reviewed by a pathology physician. Mistakes can be made by both the cytotechnologists AND the pathologists. Biancheria & Maliver P.C. is currently litigating a case where that happened. Again, any woman who develops cervical cancer that requires more than a cone biopsy or LEEP procedure should have the slides of previous Pap tests looked at to see if they were misread.

Some Abnormal Tests Are Not Being Reviewed

The doctor who performs the test needs to LOOK at the results. Again, the firm is seeing cases where clearly abnormal Pap results (technical terms include AGUS, ASCUS, AIS) are filed and never reviewed. This causes years of delay and allows cancer to develop.

Anyone with serious cervical cancer problems who has been screened previously should look to see if things were done right!

Advantages of a Physician Attorney

The advantages of speaking with an attorney who is also a physician are enormous. Deborah Maliver knows what medical professionals are supposed to do, and common mistakes that lead to further injury and illness. Pennsylvania courts actually require that a doctor review any medical malpractice case for merit before it can proceed.

Attorney Deborah Maliver is board-certified in internal medicine and also has an extensive network of consulting physicians whose support and expert testimony have made the decisive difference time and again for our clients. An attorney who specializes in medical malpractice will understand you and your case best.

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