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Let a board-certified physician who is also an attorney assist you with your medical malpractice case

Let a board-certified physician who is also an attorney assist you with your medical malpractice case
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Today's high-tech medical profession demands the use and understanding of diagnostic tests and techniques that are constantly increasing in complexity. While the failure of some radiologists and technicians to keep pace with advances in diagnostic technology accounts for many misdiagnosis problems attributable to radiology error, the failure to use older technologies properly continues to result in catastrophic patient outcomes, including death. If you have a claim for damages relating to radiology error involving the interpretation of x-rays, MRI exams, mammograms, or CT scans, contact the Pennsylvania medical malpractice lawyers at Biancheria & Maliver for a free consultation.

Radiology errors can lead to the misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of such serious medical conditions as the following:

In many of our cases, the radiology error compounds and aggravates the negligent care of another physician or surgeon. In other cases, a patient being tested for one condition might be discovered to have a more serious problem with more effective use and interpretation of the test results.

In Pennsylvania, all medical malpractice lawsuits must be supported by a certificate signed by a medical professional familiar with the standard of care at issue certifying that the plaintiff's claim for damages has merit under the medical facts of the case. Our experience working with conscientious radiologists prepared to certify to another radiologist's serious error represents an important advantage for our clients in radiology cases.

For a free legal and medical evaluation of the merits of your claim for damages relating to radiology error, contact the Pittsburgh medical malpractice attorneys at Biancheria & Maliver.