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Let a board-certified physician who is also an attorney assist you with your medical malpractice case

Let a board-certified physician who is also an attorney assist you with your medical malpractice case
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Brain injuries such as stroke often represent the end point of a sequence of errors in diagnosis, treatment or surgery. For the advice and representation of experienced Pennsylvania medical malpractice attorneys, contact Biancheria & Maliver P.C., in Pittsburgh, for a free consultation.

One common example of medical negligence resulting in serious and permanent brain injury is the failure to recognize and treat the symptoms of stroke — slurred speech, paralysis, numbness, headaches or changes in personality can all reflect stroke and indicate the necessity of tests and further examination by a specialist.

Brain injuries can also result from the following causes:

  • Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose closed head injuries following auto accidents, sports injuries, criminal assaults or other blunt force blows to the head
  • Complications of surgery relating to anesthesia or postoperative infection
  • Any episode during childbirth when blood and oxygen are denied to the brain of the fetus, which can result in lifelong conditions such as cerebral palsy

The damage to the patient attributable to negligently caused, undiagnosed or untreated brain injury can be catastrophic or fatal. The first problem in presenting a medical malpractice case in Pennsylvania is to obtain a medical professional's certification that the patient's brain injury was likely the result of the defendant's negligence or departure from a standard of care.

We also concentrate from the earliest stages of a brain injury case on documenting the extent of the damage and the patient's likely course of future treatment and recovery, if any. In this way, we can make the clearest possible presentation of the compensation necessary for your damages as well as establishing the defendant's liability.

Pittsburgh medical malpractice attorney Deborah Maliver is a physician who practiced medicine before she went to law school. Her medical background and ability to understand and coordinate highly complex expert testimony and forensic evidence provide a significant advantage to our clients, especially in brain injury litigation.

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For a free assessment and case evaluation concerning your claim for negligence damages related to an undiagnosed stroke or other brain injury, contact a Pittsburgh medical malpractice lawyer at Biancheria & Maliver P.C.