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Let a board-certified physician who is also an attorney assist you with your medical malpractice case

Let a board-certified physician who is also an attorney assist you with your medical malpractice case
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Our bodies are naturally resistant to infection, but when we are in a weakened condition from a virus, a disease or surgery, infections have an easier time taking hold. Sometimes an infection can enter a part of the body where it has the potential for doing catastrophic harm — such as the spinal cord or spinal column. If undetected or untreated, a spinal infection can be life-altering or even life-threatening.

Physicians are trained to recognize the signs of spinal infections, to run diagnostic assessments and to treat the condition. Yet, even with advances in medicine and science and the ready availability of procedures such as CAT scans and MRIs, cases of spinal infection continue to cause disabling hardships and death.

At the Pittsburgh law firm of Biancheria & Maliver P.C., we believe that when a spinal infection causes loss of function or death as the result of medical malpractice, the negligent doctor should be held accountable.

Led by attorney and board-certified physician Deborah Maliver, we believe that too many patient disabilities and deaths result from medical negligence and indifference. If you or a loved one has experienced this tragedy, contact the firm to schedule a free case analysis and consultation with a lawyer.

Causes Of Spinal Infections

Spinal infections can result from a number of causes. For example, a brain abscess may move down the spinal cord. Other causes include meningitis, osteomyelitis and staph infections. Spinal infections often occur when a patient's body is in a weakened state from actively fighting another disease such as cancer or diabetes. Symptoms can include:

  • Fever
  • Back pain
  • Night sweats

Infections of the spine are often fully treatable with antibiotics and surgery, with minimum deficits to the patient. When physician negligence causes the spinal infection to be left untreated, however, the result can be catastrophic.

Paralysis can occur when pus from an epidural abscess places pressure on the spinal cord and causes the death of nerves. If a systemic infection is involved, it can cause patient death.

Call A Doctor And Lawyer Experienced In Spinal Infection Claims

Biancheria & Maliver P.C. is dedicated to holding medical professionals accountable for their malpractice. If an untreated spinal infection has impacted your life, contact Biancheria & Maliver P.C. for a free case assessment and evaluation.