Surgical Errors Caused By Difficult Intubation

The body and brain need a constant supply of oxygen. During surgery, the patient often needs breathing assistance via the insertion of a tube into the windpipe, otherwise known as intubation. The problem is that not all windpipes are alike. The people you pass each day have windpipes that vary widely in size, shape and physical characteristics. When a patient's trachea, tongue, neck or bite makes intubation difficult, doctors must absolutely take proactive and adequate steps to ensure the patient's safety.

There are two areas where failures lead to injury or death. A thorough evaluation must be made for the individual patient. His or her chin, neck or other anatomic features may make for difficult intubation. The second area is failure of communication. There are some professions where interpersonal communication is not important — medicine is not one of these. Intubation should not be attempted without all necessary information.

A special team of personnel may be required to effectuate proper intubation in these cases. The danger of brain damage is real when a patient lacks oxygen, if even for only a few minutes.

The medical community has standards; some are widespread and published. In certain cases, a specified set of steps is required by the guidelines. "Given X set of conditions, try Y. If that doesn't work, try Z." Unfortunately, there are medical professionals who do not even know these guidelines exist.

Attorney Deborah Maliver does. She is a doctor, board-certified in internal medicine, as well as being a medical malpractice attorney. If you have suffered injury or a loved one has died due to improper intubation, an experienced lawyer who is also a physician will understand your case better than other attorneys. Attorney Maliver limits her caseload to devote her full energy to serious cases like yours.

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