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Hospital Negligence Lawyer serving Pittsburgh, Erie, and across Pennsylvania

When our Pittsburgh hospital negligence lawyers at Biancheria & Maliver P.C. take on a case, we are sometimes shocked at the discoveries we make during the course of an investigation. What seems like a straightforward set of circumstances may, in fact, involve a series of minor mistakes and miscommunications that leads to a patient’s severe injury or death.

Cases of hospital negligence may involve improper technique, failure to maintain a standard of care during basic patient interactions, or failure to maintain equipment.

People go to a hospital expecting to get better, but many people today are afraid of these institutions because of their failures to provide any change and potential to make matters worse. While not every mistake can be attributed to acts of malpractice, there are many illnesses and injuries that could have been prevented if the staff members at the hospital had used reasonable care.

Types of Hospital Negligence Errors

Because hospital systems are large medical facilities, the number of mistakes that can change the course of someone’s life are numerous. Acts of negligence may include:

  • Wrong surgery site or procedure
  • Unnecessary procedures or tests
  • Delays in treatment or emergency surgery
  • Infections acquired at the hospital because of negligence
  • Improperly administered anesthesia
  • Catheterization problems
  • The malicious abuse of patients
  • Improper medical record keeping

These mistakes are all highly preventable with a reasonable standard of care. Surgeons should never sew scalpels, gauze, or other instruments inside patients, and medications should always be double checked before they are administered. With some simple protocols in place to account for human error, these mistakes should never make their way into a courtroom. But that is not the world we live in.

The Impact of Hospital Negligence on Patient Lives

Patients often accept hospital treatment because they have no alternative. When hospitals make careless errors, patients may endure extended recovery times, additional treatment or surgeries, lifelong consequences, or death. Loss of quality of life, loss of income, and the expenses of medical treatments and medications are all the rippling effects of hospital negligence.

Patients who have suffered unreasonably can take legal action against the hospital responsible to obtain the compensation needed to recover. At Biancheria & Maliver P.C., we help victims of hospital negligence get back to their lives while working to prevent hospitals and health care practitioners from making the same mistakes in the future.

Preventing Hospital Negligence | Hospital Negligence Lawyer

There are certain things that patients can do to minimize the risk of hospital negligence. Always confirm surgical procedures and surgical sites with the surgeon before agreeing to anesthesia. Ask for the surgical site to be marked with a permanent marker prior to the procedure. Speak with the nurses, technicians, and physicians who treat you and confirm your name with each one to prevent medication and treatment mix-ups.

Hospitals are liable for the mistakes their staff members make and even the best attempts at proactively protecting your health may go awry. Laziness, fatigue, distraction, and incompetence are just a few of the reasons we identify in cases of hospital negligence.

Some of these issues need to be addressed at the systemic level by changing policies and procedures. Others are caused by personal carelessness. If you or a loved one has suffered needlessly because of a hospital’s preventable mistake, remember the name of Biancheria & Maliver P.C. in Pittsburgh and Erie.

Our team only handles medical malpractice cases, and we have years of experience handling hospital negligence cases. Attorney Maliver is also a certified physician who understands the expected standard of care for medical professionals in Pennsylvania. You do not have to suffer from the effects of hospital negligence alone. Contact our medical malpractice lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA today for a free case evaluation.